Is Confucius really back?

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Posted 24 Jun 2011 in china

After being rejected by the Communist regime, Confucianism is welcome back in the country. Do Confucius’ thoughts help to fill the lack of values and directions in Chinese modern society? In Beijing or his hometown of Qufu in Shandong province, students from all over the country are worshipping the philosopher… to make sure they succeed at university. The full set of pictures is here. Those pics below were taken last September, at Confucius Temple in Beijing. I went there for AFP, with my friend Tania Branigan from the Guardian. It was a ceremony led my Beijing Party officials and 500 teenagers who were obviously obliged to go there. The atmosphere was extremely serious, like a Party anniversary, while i expected a bit of fervor ! I spent a lot of time looking for smiling moods among the audience. A bit of a challenge.

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