Bringing French “art de vivre” to Beijing

Posted 01 Jun 2012 — by jordan
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This picture was taken to illustrate an interview with Olivier Mallard, manager at “Comptoirs de France”. The café house runs 10 locations in Beijing. The latest opened at Silk Market last April.

Qingdao, home of Tsingtao beer

Posted 28 May 2012 — by jordan
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Draft beer on the streets of Qingdao, Shandong province and homeland of Tsingtao from jordanpouille on Vimeo.


Petitioner at South Beijing railway station

Posted 24 May 2012 — by jordan
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Like countless Chinese people, mister Ma Cheng Yun, a muslim from the Hui ethnic minority, left his Gansu countryside to visit the National Petition Bureau in Beijing … in an attempt to solve an old dispute. He claims that his land was illegally used by a business man to build a small factory. After 20 years of useless battle with local officials, he eventually came to Beijing with many documents to assert his claim. However, he was told this morning that the Beijing bureau was not eligible to handle his case. We met him at the station, with his wife, as we were about to take the train to Qingdao. He showed us his documents and asked if we knew a foreign NGO to support him.


Chinese nespresso

Posted 20 May 2012 — by jordan
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I always wonder why, when it comes to introduce a product to the Chinese market, most western companies believe they have to put a dragon on it. Here is the Dragon nespresso machine, sold in a luxury shopping mall in Chaoyang Beijing. Chinese people consumption of coffee grows by 15% every year.

Législatives des Français expatriés: deux candidats

Posted 20 May 2012 — by jordan
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Voici deux des trois principaux candidats de la 11e circonscription des Français établis hors de France. 88 000 électeurs sur un territoire qui comprend notamment la Russie, la Chine, l’Inde mais aussi l’Australie, les Maldives ou la Nouvelle-Zélande. Ils étaient de passage à Pékin. J’ai loupé le candidat PS Marc Villard  pour cause d’affaire Chen Guangcheng.

Francis Nizet (Modem)

Thierry Mariani (UMP)



Chen Guangcheng en route to the U.S.

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At Beijing airport – Terminal 3

My local shopkeeper in Beijing

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Petitioners gathered in front of Chaoyang hospital

Posted 05 May 2012 — by jordan
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Chen’ supporters in front of Chaoyang hospital

Posted 04 May 2012 — by jordan
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Chen Guangcheng at Chaoyang hospital – May 2

Posted 03 May 2012 — by jordan
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This is the only media picture of Chinese lawyer Chen Guangcheng so far since his prison sentence followed by 19 months-long house arrest in Shandong province. I took this picture yesterday at 5.10 pm, on the 9th floor of Chaoyang Beijing hospital while Chen Guangcheng was sent to his room by 2 nurses, followed by guards. I really wanted to get a picture of him in motion to express this sudden move from embassy to hospital. The day after, Chen was sent to the 3rd floor of another building surrounded with policemen. This picture is part of a short series (several frames). I’d like to thank the Afp staff in Beijing for their warm support and efficiency.

(Edit – May the 13th) Since that day, it appeared on The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Economist, Time, BBC, CNN, USA Today, Spiegel, Le Monde, Le Figaro, Le Parisien and even La Voix du Nord, from my hometown.