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Scotland: a journey inside salmon farming industry

Posted 19 Feb 2012 — by jordan
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Thirty five years ago, salmon aquaculture was nowhere to be seen in mysterious Scottish lochs. Now, you can eat Scottish salmon all over the world. Hence, production of “Atlantic salmon” is one of Scotland’s key industries, performed by Marine Harvest and Scottish Sea Farms: two companies from Norway, the Nation of farmed salmons. But despite beautiful landscapes, being a salmon farmer in Scotland is not a relaxing job. It requires sophisticated skills in logistics, computers, vaccination, net fixing, fish feeding… and a strong resistance to rain, wind and loneliness ! We followed Steve, one of the salmon farming pioneers in Scotland.

From the sea and fresh waters farms to the processing plant. After picking them up at the farms following precise orders (on size and weight), a massive ship is unloading salmons alive through a long plastic tube. Here at South Shian processing plant, they will be cleaned, packed and shipped on a truck in less than 40 minutes. They are fully prepared for their long trip. Destination: worldwide consumers.

Owing to efficient logistics, it takes 3 days from fishing a salmon in a remote Scottish loch to serving it in a high-end restaurant in Beijing, China. Below at Marriott City Wall Hotel, on Jianguomen inner street:

Scotland is also a nation of smokehouses. Inverawe is renowned for respecting traditions since 1975:

It normally takes 2 hours to “smoke” a salmon by blowing smoke inside the fish. But at this traditional smokery house (and The Queen official supplier), it takes 3 days and relies on totally different techniques. We met the owners, Rosie and Robert, at the local Church, on Sunday morning. They brought us to their place and we spent a wonderful time.. enjoying salmon !

This project has been financed by the Jean Luc Lagardère Foundation. It now needs to be brought to life through a nice publication.

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